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Best Music Streaming Services in India

Best Music Streaming Services

No doubt Spotify is currently the best music streaming service available Globally.
But it’s bounded to certain countries only which really makes it tough to use for a layman user, until and unless he goes through a process of installing VPN, Setting up and other procedures which one would just refrain from doing!

While Spotify still remains to be unavalaible in India, other big players like Apple Music, Google Music, Saavn,Wynk and SoundCloud are taking over a big part of the interested consumers!

Well the basics of a music streaming provider are same and there’s not much to differentiate in-between except some difference in features, a bit of offerings and UI aesthetics!

Services like Apple Music and Google Music are paid music streaming services only, they do offer use of Local media storage which is a great thing for a user who can afford such services!

Freemium services like Saavn,Wynk and Gaana still provide value to the money for their user base!



With no doubt Spotify is the leader of currently available music streaming services Globally.
Spotify has the biggest collection of Music available online at the moment.

Spotify, with a really well furnished app UI, offers some really good quality music as it’s really noticeable when I switch back to Saavn or Wynk!

Regarding paid services, Spotify provides some of it’s ‘Premium’ services which offer user a couple of much required features like downloading songs, removing ads, skipping onto music and some more!

You can check them out on their official site!


Apple Music

Apple has it’s own Music service which got into existence a year ago!

Apple Music offers a similar service like Spotify and Saavn.

With 3 months of free introductory offers, Apple believes in offering a paid service instead of an Ad-based revenue system like other mentioned in the list!

Apple Music probably tops the list for Indian users as it provides Premium service for the given price.
You can also get a free 3 month trial to check out their service!

Apple Music Plans
Apple Music Plans


If shelling out $2-3/month seems a bit overpriced, Saavn is here for the rescue with similar service at cheaper subscriptions (Freemium)


Call it as Indian version of Spotify, Saavn surely offers one of the biggest music collection for Indian users.

Considering a cheaper pricing, music availability in nearly all the regional languages(Indian) and a big database of English songs too, it is value for money for it’s users!
However, it still lacks some really famous songs in it’s library, wonder how many ‘not-so-famous’ songs would’ve been lost in there!

Just like Spotify, Saavn too sells it’s premium service, Saavn Pro. It provides options like taking down songs in offline mode and removing those irritating ads that pop in every once in a while!

Here are some pricing details of the Saavn Pro Plan

Saavn Pro Plans
Saavn Pro Plan

Surprisingly it’s UI color scheme matches to Spotify’s 😛

Wynk Music

Wynk is a service provided by Airtel, India’s biggest telecom company.

Streaming music from Wynk is a bliss for poor mobile data users. It can stream music without any buffering on 2G too (scaled quality though)

Even though the Android app UI still seems like an unfinished job, Wynk seems to be working good on iOS.

Also, it can use your local media storage, basically provides a similar option that Apple Music does for it’s users!

But Wynk’s database is not really big enough as compared to Saavn or Spotify! You can find some remixes but original songs might be missing!

A small database is a big disappointment for a free user, can’t even imagine about the one’s who would shell out Rs 250/month!


Due to it’s recent policy updates, all the songs are only and only remixes/previews until the Album Artist himself uploads the original song!
Artists like Martin Garrix and Skrillex do upload few original songs but other original songs
have wiped off the database and now it’s just Remixes or not-so popular songs.

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