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VapourHost Review – After 3 Year’s Usage

Today I’m going to Review a less known (rather less marketed) Hosting provider, VapourHost.

I’ve been using VapourHost for over 3 years now; rather I would like to emphasise that I was one of their first customers. Being one of the first customers was tough. I was skeptical about their services.

The risk turned out to be worth a shot and I totally love it!

VapourHost Pros

Affordable Plans

One of the reasons why I switched over to VapourHost was their affordable plans. Finding a good webhost that provides affordable plans is one of the toughest tasks.

Here’s a pricing table of their currently available plans

Professional Plans


5GB SSD Space
50GB/mo Bandwidth
Multiple Domains

Power Plans


20GB SSD Space
500GB/mo Bandwidth
Multiple Domains

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Same Renewal Price

Unlike many other Web Hosts, You can renew your current services at the same price you bought it for! There’s no Hidden prices or anything!

Doesn’t it make VapourHost more affordable?

Plus you get a 30 Day Money back guarantee!

So if in 30 days you feel VapourHost isn’t worth it, you can back out and get a refund!


Speed is one of the most important factors in SEO. If you’re an SEO Maniac like me, you would certainly have mares with a slow loading website!

You need some kickass hosting to achieve an excellent speed.

Here’s a screenshot of one of my latest articles (speed test done on Pingdom Tools)

Website Speed Test

VapourHost has SSD Powered storage for you!

SSD is new and faster technology that can help you achieve fast loading speed! It provides 3x faster access to files and database than normal drives do.

My #Website #Host is faster than yours! Check out VapourHost Review #WordPress #SEO

Amazing Support

What I feel is, one of the reasons why an individual hosting provider edges out other is Technical Support.

I rarely had any issues with any of my websites. I can count to upto 2-3 times where I somehow broke down my site (I was being a silly person)

I immediately opened a support ticket on My Services panel in VapourHost and my website was back from the grave in a matter of few minutes! Feels good when you mess up and someone else cleans it up and helps you out 😛

Free Backups (Weekly)

Yes! VapourHost provides weekly backups for free. Here’s a screenshot of my recent backups!

Weekly Backups
Recent Backups

You can take different types of backups. Some of them being

Backup Dashboard
Backup Dashboard
  • Full Account
  • File
  • Database
  • Email Accounts
  • Cron Jobs
  • SSL Certificate


Most of the Webmasters are concerned about their site’s Uptime.

It’s understandable as well! I’ve been monitoring VapourHost’s Uptime for quite a long while now.

Here’s a recent screenshot of Uptime Stats of the VapourHost servers from a Tracking software embedded by VapourHost!

Server Uptime

Just a quick fact, none of the hosting company can promise you 100% Uptime, not even providers like AWS! The downtime is inevitable by companies, all they can promise is a really good uptime (in the case of VapourHost, it is 99% and above, which is quite good!)

Free SSL

If you’re someone who considers SEO as something vital in your business, you would surely know the pros of having HTTPS on your website. Generally, providers like GoDaddy (and many others) charge loads of money in the name of SSL for your website.

Why not get it for free? I’m using Free SSL issued by VapourHost on all of my websites! It’s quick and easy to install!


Domain Registrar

VapourHost Review Update

VapourHost previously used to be a new player in the market with no provision of domain registration. However, this has changed over time; now VapourHost is ranked in Top10 Hosts by HostAdvice and VapourHost also offers Domain Registration as a service.

Most of the big hosting companies give you an option to buy a domain from them.With VapourHost you’ll lack such experience as it’s not a Domain Registrar.

You’ll have to buy your domain from a third party and host it on VapourHost.

VapourHost is a new player in the market.

A new player has to prove to be a good player whereas old players can continue with bad track record and move on with good customer strength and marketing.

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  1. Manoranjan Paul says:

    Great support from the developer.

    Bought a hosting but didn’t get discount.

    But good hosting brother.

    1. VapourHost is definitely a really good and VFM hosting!
      Considering discount, I would suggest you to mail/contact VapourHost team, they might help you with it!

  2. Praan Kumar says:

    Hi, I want to know what is the php upload limit there? Does it restrict process usage after 50 process, because it looks like A2 hosting cpanel.

    1. Hey Praan!
      php upload limit can be changed upto 512mb from Cpanel.
      And yes, of course, there’s a limit on the number of processes. I don’t know the exact limit, I would suggest you to contact the VapourHost Customer Support.

  3. Can I host a wordpress blog on vapourhost?

    1. Yes you can Host a WordPress blog on VapourHost.
      Even TheTechPie is a WordPress website hosted on VapourHost.

  4. Varun Sharma says:

    Awesome article !!! It really very helpful.

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