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Beyerdynamic DTX 910 Review – Best Budget Headphones?

Beyerdynamic DTX 910 Review

Design And Build Quality

The black colored Beyerdynamic DTX 910 has a typical ‘beyerdynamic‘ influence on its design and quality. DTX 910 has an open-back design and are a typical over-ear headphones. They look a lot like big ear muffs which are extremely comfortable for ears considering long hours of usage.

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DTX 910 is built with an ok-decent quality of plastic, which make it sturdy and good for long run. The headband is thick, underneath, it is covered with a layer of foam. The headband has a beyerdynamic logo stamped above it, which is also the site where headphone’s size adjusters are housed.

The side arms, like the headband frame, are composed of good quality plastic and notched on in the inside with single lines, indicating the size you’ve adjusted to. There are 8 adjustable sizes which give you plenty of headspace!

There’s a beyerdynamic stamping on the outside of each ear cup. The ear cups are completely round and bigger than most of the headphones.The earpads are made of some good quality foamy material which is ultra-soft and are big enough to accommodate big ears too.

The material used for earcups is really good which in no doubt is great for a long run as well as extended periods of usage! (Yes, it won’t hurt your ears)

The cord is really long (3m approximately in length) and thick. The material used for the same is of good quality. The 3.5mm audio jack is gold plated.

Sound quality from the inline mic is good enough but one may certainly miss operational buttons like Volume Up & Down!


Beyerdynamic DTX 910 have 5Hz-23kHz frequency response. It not only gives a great crisp sound quality with natural response but also one can hear the details of the songs loud and clear.

The DTX910 was tested with premium quality devices like Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 and a notebook laptop HP Folio 13.

With no doubt, these headphones sounded best with the S6 and iPhone 6. However, the bass response was best with Folio 13 with Viper Equalizer!

The audio clarity was really great! Tracks were balanced well and the bass was natural most of the time. Instruments like guitars were loud and clear in most of the songs!

DTX 910 sound reproduction quality is mechanically very robust. The sound engineering is done in such a manner that it requires a really small amount of operating voltage.
With an impedance of 32 Ohms, the DTX 910 provides best sound quality one wouldn’t expect for the given price point! These headphones are AMP-friendly!

Well I would not really recommend plugging-in a AMP but if plugged in, you’ll feel the sound enhancement in no time!


Transducer TypeDynamic
Headphone Operating PrincipleOpen
Nominal Frequency Response15Hz – 23KHz
Nominal SPL98 dB SPL
Sound Coupling to the EarCircumaural
Power Handling Capacity100 mW
Weight without cable180 g
Cable3 m (single-sided straight cable)
ConnectionMini Stereo Jack Plug (3.5mm) and 1/4 inch adapter (6.36mm)

DTX 910 are Open Back Headphones, Do they Suck?

Having an open back design has its own Pros and Cons.

Being an Open Back headphone, DTX 910 give you a really good and wide soundstage. The audio is natural and you can feel it as well!

Although the Audio Quality of DTX 910 outperforms most of its competitors in this budget, but it lacks NOISE CANCELLATION to the core of it. One can even hear people talking while listening to it at high volumes.

If your surrounding is wheezy or you’re a travel freak then DTX910 is probably not for you.

Getting headphones like Audio Technica M30X will be a better move if you hate Open Back Design!


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