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ZO Rooms Unlimited Cash Trick

Money Trick


ZO Rooms provides comfortable accommodation, at a location of your preference, anytime you prefer, and at unbeatable prices. Unlike others, ZO Rooms is just a call away!


  • Download ZO Rooms app and install it.
  • Open the App and create new account (verify your mobile number)
  • After Successful signup, 1000 ZO cash will be credited in account
  • Now go to [3line] Menu and click “Earn ZOcash”
  •  Enter my refferal code  SANKET22   to earn another 1000 Zocash
  • Now You can Book Rooms worth Rs.2000.
Referral Code :   SANKET22
Trick To Earn unlimited ZOCash:
  •  After completing the above process. Note down your own referral code.
  •  Download ZO Rooms in bluestacks or youwave.
  •  Open the app and create new account.
  •  In email use any disposal emails and enter the same phone number which you have used above. If you aren’t able to use the same number then enter some spare phone number.
  •  Once you signup complete, Go to [3line] Menu and Click ‘Earn Zocash’
  • Enter your refferal code.
  • 200 Zocash will be credited to your old and 500 to new account
NOTE: Repeat the above procedure till you earn 5000 Zocash and after earning 5000.use another account to earn more ZO cash.

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