Latest YouTube App update brings three new tabs and Much more

To enhance user’s mobile experience, YouTube App has introduced new video editing tools along with an updated user interface. The update is currently available for Android will soon arrive on iOS as well.
According to the YouTube’s Global Blog, the updated main screen will now feature three new tabs .i.e. Home, Subscriptions and User Account.
In the new Home tab, users can explore and discover videos with recommendations based on watch history as well as playlists. The Subscription tab is useful to find the latest videos from the Subscribed Channels. The new Account section will allow users to check their playlists, some basic settings, watch history and the videos they have uploaded all in one place.
Youtube Update
YouTube Update
The blog also pointed out that users can now watch fullscreen vertical videos with just a single tap too. The new video editing tools will allow users to shoot video, trim it, and add filters and music on the Mobile App.
At VidCon, an event attended by thousands of video makers, YouTube channels and fans, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki reportedly said that, Our success is judged by those things. As more (competitors) enter the space, creators will try different things, but they’ll come back to the place that generates the most success for them.
At the same conference, Wojcicki also introduced a new Diamond playback button that channels/creators with more than 10 million subscribers will get. Those with 1 million subscribers would get a Gold play button reward and those with 100,000 subscribers would receive a Silver play button reward.
Another very important announcement made by CEO was that YouTube App will start supporting 360-degree videos in 3D. She said that, And we’re going to make sure all our Spaces are outfitted with the latest Jump cameras that capture 360-degree video in 3D in unprecedented quality.How Amazing it is, Isn’t it?
According to a previous report, YouTube will now support 360-degree video ads on Chrome, Android and iOS. According to Google Inside AdWords blog, Beer brand Bud Light is the first advertiser to take advantage of this new feature, which runs on Google’s TrueView Ad platform. Users have to move their mouse to look around the field while using a PC, or can simply move their smartphone to shift their POV to 360 degrees.

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