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Learn Top 10 Ways to SpeedUp your Slow Android Tablet/Smartphone

Why is my Android tablet/smartphone so slow?

You’re in a party flashing around your tablet (or smartphone) for some reason and it start’s lagging somehow. You’re in one of the most embarrassing situation ever!
You start contemplating your life and start screaming WHY IS MY TABLET SO SLOW?

Guess what? we all have been in similar situations(not really). Read on my article to prevent such incidents from happening, ever again!

[alert-announce]Hey fellow Android SmartPhone/Tablet MasterRace human, I know the pain of having a really slow device.

One doesn’t like to have a slow, laggy device that may decide just not to work in Public especially when your friends are around (Let’s be Friends! Connect with me on Twitter and Facebook) [/alert-announce]

So let’s continue on How to Speed up your Android device! Keep on reading, each step may cure your pain by a bit 😛

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Remove Applications You Don’t Need

Let’s be clear and honest. We all download some or the other app which we use it for a couple of days or weeks and then just get bored off from them.

And we let it be in our storage just because we all are lazy! Aren’t we?
Don’t worry! It’s a 2 minute process. Remove all those applications that you don’t need in your device and you’ll definitely find your device faster than ever!

Disable flashy Animations and Transitions

Who doesn’t love flashy and fancy animations on our phone? They make your device look sleeky sometimes.

But,.. there’s a fine line between fancy animations and a device bloated with animations which is resource hungry!

Did the above line make you feel conscious? Yes, it did!

So let’s take an action and change the Animation and Transition settings!

  1. Go to Settings > About phone, then tap on Build number several times to enable it.
  2. Go to Settings > Developer options
  3. Scroll down to Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale.
  4. Tap on each of the animation options and turn them off

Turn off Maps

Maps is a power hungry application. It not only consumes your WiFi (or Internet) and Battery, but also sucks up your Smartphone (or Tablet) speed as well!

Turn off the GPS when it’s not needed. Not only it’ll boost up your slow tablet but it’ll also save some juice in that Lithium Polymer battery back in there!

Format your external storage on a regular basis

If you’ve loads of content that you would never look into again then why do you’ve it in the first place?

Remove unnecessary content like old memes, 4K videos that you made senselessly and what not.
Clean your microSD card in every 4 months or so (You’re blessed if your phone supports external storage!)

Remove Unnecessary Widgets

Android Widgets
Android Widgets

Clean up your bloated Homescreen with those unnecessary widgets!
They are power hungry which eat up your battery and slow down your smartphone (tablet) as well!

Try removing a few such widgets and you’ll be able to feel the difference real quick!

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Use Custom Launchers

Nova Launcher and Pixel Launcher are one of the cleanest custom launchers you can find on the playstore!
Not only these redesign and clean up your home screen but also speed up your Android by a bit.

Clear Caches

Slowly and slowly our device builds up the huge amount of cache data which slows down your device in the long run!
Especially if you’re using some Music streaming service, bulk loads of cache will build up in your storage that may not be useful.

You can solve it either by

  1. Clearing cache directly from the Settings
    • This can be done by going to Settings>Storage>Click on Cache
    • It’ll ask for an approval to clear cache, approve it! Done!
  2. Using Device Cleaning apps to bulk clean the device
cleaning apps to speed up android
Bulk Device Cleaner Apps for Android

Update Android

Is this even a question?

Updated Android patches are provided for more stability to your devices. Most of these updates can surely speed up your slow running tablet (or phone)!

Clearing Caches after an Android update can clean up the junk a bit as well! Updating to Android Nougat is suggested!

Rooting and Custom ROMS

If you’re a person like me who gets bored of his ROM (especially when you’re running a bloated cheesy ROM like MIUI), you would probably think of Rooting and Flashing a Custom ROM!

[alert-announce]There are quite a few Pros and Cons of Rooting Android! Make sure you give it a read before jumping into the bandwagon![/alert-announce]

Factory Reset

Factory Resetting your Android will surely give you a clean Android experience.
With the device being 100% cleaned from the inside, you get the power to fill it up with the right kind of junk for future!

Factory reset android
Factory Reset


Having a slow running Android tablet(or smartphone) is very general these days!

Just follow the above tips and you’ll surely be able to speed up your Android device properly!

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