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Top 11 Must Have Apps on Android

Must Have Apps on Android

We are looking back to some of the Top 11 Must Have Apps of 2015 for Android users!

Link bubble browser

Link bubble browser

Link Bubble is an application that solves the problem with Android. There isn’t any really multitasking on the platform (custom roms with multitasking is available though) but link bubble lets you open links in a new floating window very much similar to messenger chat heads. When you click on a link in an app, Link Bubble loads that web pages in the background, leaving you free to keep using your current app. If you get the full version you can have several bubbles open and they are just sort of hang outs where you put them. You can move them around and set up default hack corners for sharing are open in normal browser. This probably is the application that I use the most especially when I’m doing my morning reading. It keeps me more efficient when using my android device.

Solid explorer

Solid Explorer

There are hundreds of file explorer out there but this one’s my favourite. I have been using it since beta and I have no reason to look elsewhere. Ethically file explorer that lets you drag and drop folders and files. You can also browse network stores and has built-in chrome cast support. There are two version of it available in the play store, solid explorer classic and solid explorer file manager; both are available for a trial period of 14 days and the latter has got material design! You can also get the functionality of root explorer if you have root access and it has also got the ability to read and extract ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR and TAR archives, even encrypted, create password protected ZIP and 7ZIP archives.



Plex is something that as a family we use almost on a daily basis. Plex allows you to watch all of your media and stream into your television if you are using an android Smartphone and you have a Chrome cast you can go ahead and chrome cast to your television. Plex allows you to cast videos, photos, and music to your Chrome cast device, which you then control from a casting Plex App. Plex also supports content mirroring so that as you browse your content on your device.


Teamviewer Android

Well almost everyone is familiar with Team viewer in PC but it is also available for your android devices. Team viewer allows you to control all of your PC’s to Smartphone; so you can connect to them whenever you want. It’s a really powerful application. So if you are away from you’re your home and you need to connect to your computer to do something. You can easily connect and have full control.

Apple music

Apple Music Android

Most of us are familiar with Spotify and Google play music and some other apps for streaming music. Well apple music is one such app which somewhat made news in 2015 along with some other android apps and to me it’s a decent option for streaming music. You get a free subscription for 3 months after which its 120INR/month. It boasts almost thirty million songs, radio stations; live radio and you can also follow your favourite artists. The only drawback I found is that you need to provide your card details at the time of registration or else you can’t use the application for playing or rather streaming music regardless the fact that there is a free trial period of 3 months, which might be a problem for some students who is yet to get a card. The application is still in its beta stage and needs some improvement.


Periscope Android

Periscope is one of the most unique applications to come out this year. It allows pretty much anyone to live stream what they are doing through their phone camera and pretty much anyone can watch the stream.




This is a dictionary application. All you have to do is copy the text and shake your phone horizontally and there you have it. It will provide you with the meaning and you don’t have to interrupt what you are doing for Googling the meaning or search in the dictionary. And yes it also supports full offline mode! Doesn’t have a good vocabulary? This application can be a real life saviour while reading articles. The app also allows you to change languages, definition timeout and shake strength.


Vurb Android

Vurb allows you to search for nearby places, upcoming movies, currently running movies, you can see what good to visit, find reviews of the places posted by other users. Similarly you can search places to eat. And for all search results you can save it to view details later and get directions to them. You can even buy tickets for an event within this app. It also has the feature that allows you and your friends to make plan together by just sharing places, movies, etc. to them in the form of vurb cards. You can chat with them in the app itself. If your friend doesn’t have vurb installed he/she will receive an image of the card in sms. Android

Looking for a new smartphone? Confused between 2-3 good phones? Then this is the app for you!
Developed by some active members on xdadevelopers, is a great app which gives you News, reviews about Smartphones! The app has a very good feature that suggests you the right smartphone for you, whether you’re a power user or a photographer, a music lover or a tech savy! This app will suggest you the best.

Mobile hidden camera

Well those who want a spy camera, this is exactly what you need. Installed as “Simple Notepad” with a notepad icon and is also hidden from recent list. The app supports both front and back camera shooting and recording with advanced quality settings for each camera. No preview, no shutter sound and no flash and removes shutter sound even on firmware-locked devices.

UC web browser

UC Web Browser

The browser is claimed to be the most downloaded and the fastest browser in the mobile phone platforms as well as in desktop; available in 150 countries and in 11 different languages. It supports tabbed browsing which allows viewing multiple pages quickly and the speed dial feature gives you the option to quickly access your favourite sites. Besides it has also got a download manager which can pause downloads and resume later on. It has also got direct integration with social networks. Overall the browser is user friendly and really fast. it has got a text mode which doesn’t load any image which can save your precious MBs. Apart from these it also loads websites based on your connection and can compress the site if you have a slow connection. The only flaw I can spot is the UI, which can be somewhat less clustered and a little cleaner design will be more appreciated.


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