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Snapdeal Unlimited Cash Hack


 1) YouWave emulator for PC. Go to Youwave and Download it from there.(

2) Download Snapdeal apk. Don’t install from market. Strict advice. 
And Place the Snapdeal apk on Desktop.( )


1) Install and Open Youwave. Let it process as it’ll take time. Don’t be in Hurry. Wait till the the Screen with Watch widget appear.
2) Now Click on File> Path to App> Go to Desktop and Double click on Snapdeal.apk and click on Open. The box will be GREY In color. Don’t freak out. Just click on Open and it’ll launch the app. 
3) Let the app install and start. A window will appear with EARN Reward written 
4) Enter this code  tuG7446655 and your phone no.


5) It’ll send a password(OTP) to the phone number you just added. You need to enter it and sign up with your email account. 
And BAM. YOU’LL GET ₹100
6) Main Step for Unlimited SD Cash: Click on File>Android Factory Reset. Click on Yes.
Go to Task Manager> Force Close Youwave Process and go to the next step ↓
7) Restart Youwave. And follow the procedure from step 2).This time Enter your own Snapdeal Invite code.


Q) I’m getting null as the invite code. Why? 
Ans)If you’ve synced/linked your account with Facebook you’ll get INVITE CODE = null. 
If it’s happening then make a new account and don’t sync/link it with Facebook.
SNAPDEAL APK LINK: Snapdeal.apk 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Make another ₹500 😀

  2. yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss…………….just done 500 with two id

  3. Rahul Singh says:

    Hi, nice post bro. REALLY.

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