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Sideload Apps On Windows 8 and Windows 10

Windows App Store

Windows 8/8.1 was the first Microsoft OS to introduce apps, but they were a bit tricky to install if you weren’t getting them from the official store. However, this process became much easier on Windows 10.
With just a matter of seconds, you can now sideload apps from any source. But, that comes with a minor risk. I’ll cover on how to sideload apps and the risks faced on Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Risks Of Sideloading Apps

Apps on the official Windows Store are supposed to have a good level of security for the end user. Enabling Sideloading is a risky action. Sideload opens up a risk of downloading something that might be malicious, resulting into something a user won’t wish to face.
However, this is the same risk that comes with downloading any standard desktop program. You need to be cautious while downloading any app, make sure you take them from trusted developers ONLY.

Steps to Enable Sideloading on Windows 8

On Windows 8 you can sideload apps only if you have a developer license. A developer license is used to work on and test an app on your own system. It’s possible to acquire a developer license, though Microsoft warns they can revoke it from your account if they find out that you’re not a developer.
To get a developer license, do a search for PowerShell, then right-click the result, and select Run as administrator. When PowerShell opens, input the following code


Developer License for Windows 8

And then press Enter. A box will pop up, Click on I Agree. You’ll then need to input the registered email id and password of your Microsoft account. [This email id will be linked to Developer license]

Now, to sideload an app you need to install it through PowerShell. Open PowerShell again and input the following, edit the second part for the location and name of the app file:

Add-AppxPackage C:EnterAppNameHere.appx

Steps to Enable Sideloading on Windows 10

First, press CTRL + I to open the Settings menu and then go to Update & security tab. Click For developers.

windows 10 sideload apps
Sideloading Apps on Windows 10

Select Sideload apps and it’ll pop up the caution message window.

Click Yes to enable sideloading.

Now you can sideload any app regardless of it’s source 🙂 

Tell us if this method of Sideloading Apps on Windows 8 and Windows 10 helped you?

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