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Rocket League PC/PS4 Review

Rocket League Review

Game title: Rocket League

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Rocket League PC/PS4 Review

Where do I begin? Rocket League has probably been the find of the century for me. I call it a ‘find’ because I literally didn’t know the slightest about this masterpiece. Got it on Steam for trying out after a noteworthy number of people suggested to buy the game. And boy oh boy! I’ve been stuck to this game ever since.

Rocket League Gameplay

Lets begin at words about Gameplay. This is neither your everyday soccer game or the mainstream Car arcade. ITS SOCCER WITH CARS, Rocket Racing!, and basketball and ice hockey. I had no idea that the game is about soccer with cars when I got it. As I said earlier, I got the game without having the slightest idea about it, merely as a pastime alongside GTA V. The downside being that I’ve barely played GTA V since then.

On a serious note, the Gameplay is physics based and the developers have executed it flawlessly. There’s nothing you can’t love about it, the community is magnitudes better in comparison to CS:GO or DOTA 2 or any of your other multiplayer games. And its competitive, no matter how good you get draining hours and hours into the game ; there’ll always be a 1000 people better than you

What I loved the most

The thing that I love the most about this game that it costs an insignificant 20 bucks and even lesser on the Indian steam store and yet it offers you gameplay and content that could easily be worth over a $100. There’s something new around the corner every moment. Its become an ESL sport now and the community is growing at an exponential rate. The devs are as assiduous as they can get. They aren’t money hogs, Psyonix was someone no one had heard of a year ago and now they’re demonstrating why they deserve the praise they are being thundered with. 

Rocket League DLCs

There’s quite a few DLCs and they’re very cheap considering the content that they offer. New cars and some fancy toppers, antennas and rims. Honestly, most people would go berserk on why additional cars cost money but the standalone game being really cheap, I’d happily leak out a few more bucks to get some good looking wheels.


The game is based on Unreal Engine 3.0 and they are pretty decent considering that the main aim of the game is to offer you rich and competitive multiplayer gameplay and not eye candy graphics. The devs still did a more than decent job. The graphics could however be affirmed as ‘sweet’.

Rocket League


Rocket League PC/PS4 is a complete package for those who are looking for fun competitive multiplayer without having too worry too much about their adroitness at it. I’d heavily suggest that you get the game and watch a few Youtube videos to feel it out. There’s a reason why this game won the Best Sports Game of the Year award and in my opinion, its up there with the best of the decade.

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