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Pros and Cons of rooting your Android

Rooting your device unlocks great features. It is great as it adds more power to the user but it is a risky task too. So in this article, we will discuss the major Pros and Cons of Rooting!

 This is the complete guide if you are confused that you must root or not. After reading this article your confusion still persists then you can ask your question in comments. But first…

What is rooting?

Rooting is a process in which you can remove all the limitations from your Android device and you are free to make any changes to it. For starters, I’ll explain it with an example. Consider your non-rooted smartphone as a rented apartment. You like your apartment, you live in it, but somewhere deep down you don’t have all the controls over it!
Whereas, your Rooted Android smartphone is like your own house. You’ve full controls and rights over it. Buying a new home has few risks like the overall worth of your land is decreasing. (I’m not good with examples)

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 By rooting, you could void your warranty and if in the meantime something wrong happens with your software, then you cannot take your device to the service centre. After rooting, you gain control over your device’s settings, performance etc.
So now, let’s brief up some of the Pros and Cons of Rooting!

Pros of rooting

Get Android Updates more frequently
Latest Android Updates
Your mobile not receiving latest updates? No problem! A huge number of Custom ROMs are out there and you can install any of them.For example, If you are on Android Kitkat and you want to use Android Marshmallow or N?, a custom ROM can upgrade your Android. Many Custom ROMs come with great features with which official ROMs do not provide and they are highly customizable too.

Bloatware free device

A new Android device comes with a dozen of bloatware apps that are just garbage to us. So to uninstall these apps your device must be rooted. These apps take unnecessary space on your Smartphone. So by rooting, you can remove these apps from your mobile. Removing excessive apps can also speed up your device and increase your phone’s battery life!

Backup and Remove Anything

Without rooting, you can backup your downloaded apps but after rooting you can also backup pre-installed apps and its data also. To do this you must use apps like Titanium Backup. So if you are planning to remove bloatware make sure you have a backup of the app so in case if anything wrong happens you have the backup and you can restore it.

TIP: Don’t remove the default launcher, notification bar or any system apps.

Faster Performance

Overclocking Android
Faster Performance
Overclocking your processor can making it faster than ever (apps like CPU Control). Installing a good custom ROM can make your Android device lag-free.
Overclocking is a serious process. Precautions must be taken before overclocking your processor, it’s risky as it can damage your CPU. But if done correctly, it’ll skyrocket the device performance!

Increased battery life

If your battery backup is not up to the point, then rooting can help. Removing the bloatware which runs in the background can save your battery and mobile data. You can use an app like Greenify, does the job 10/10!

Cons of rooting

Bricked Phone

Bricked Phone
This is the top reason why people are afraid to root their mobile. If rooting is not done properly, your device could get bricked. For  starters who don’t know what ‘Bricked’ state is,
Brick is a state which turns your fully-functional smartphone into a piece of brick or maybe a paperweight!

Voids Warranty

Rooting voids your mobile’s warranty. If anything wrong happens, you cannot cry at the service centre. Most of the companies have already mentioned this in their T&C part (stuff which we don’t read)

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