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Periscope announces Drone Support, Search for Broadcast and much more

Periscope, owned by micro-blogging website Twitter has announced some great updates to it’s service! This effort is not only to make it’s own app more appealing but also to give a tough competition to Facebook’s own broadcasting feature Facebook Live Videos which is regularly used by Public Figures! Periscope has announced Drone Support, new Search for Broadcast and Save Broadcast

 “Everyday, our community creates amazing broadcasts — whether visiting a new place, performing a song, or sparking a passionate discussion. In the coming weeks, we’re launching broadcast search and drone support to help people form communities around the topics they care about and broadcast from new perspectives. We also want to share a preview of our full beyond 24 hours approach that will be available in the coming weeks.” said an Official

Periscope announced three main upgrades! Here are some of those:

Drone Support

Periscope has tied up with the Chinese drone manufacturer DJI for it’s Drone Support! You can switch to your Smartphone and GoPro (Drone Camera) back and forth.
You can narrate from a bird’s eye view using your Smartphone and can also use Sketch to highlight stuff!
All you need is an iPhone and a supportedDJI Drone! The feature is set to come in next few weeks!!


Search for Broadcasts

The new Search feature will allow a wider audience for interaction! Search for Broadcasts allows Periscope users to search for Broadcasts by Title or Topic from the Global List. Previously, users could only look upon the live streams by the people they followed.

#Hashtag is the new #Update: The new update also allows you to search videos using ‘#’ like #Travel, #Food, #Vlog

Search for Broadcasts

Save your Broadcasts

Periscope now gives you the flexibility of storing your videos for beyond 24 hours! Last week, Periscope announced on Twitter, a public beta testing to #save videos for 24 hours and beyond!

Periscope focuses on giving full controls of the broadcast to it’s users! The broadcasts will be saved on Periscope cloud with Twitter comments and hearts. If the author changes his mind, he can delete it anytime in the!
For the users who still believe in 24 hours limit can configure their Account Settings

Via: Periscope


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