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(Earn OYO Money) OYO-Hotel Rooms Unlimited Money Trick

OYO Rooms offers comfortable hotel and guesthouse rooms with assured amenities that include an AC room with TV, complimentary breakfast, in-room Wi-Fi and 24X7 customer service support, at pocket friendly prices starting from Rs. 999.


  1. Sign up and get Rs 1000 OYO Money [REQUIRES Referral CODE]
  2. Earn Rs 200 Per Referred User.
  3. Earn extra Rs800 if referred user books a hotel room.


Trick to get Earn Unlimited OYO Money
  • First of all Download OYO Rooms From Play store.
  •  Now Open OYO Rooms app and Enter your Sign up details
  • Enter my Referral code to get Rs 500 in your OYO Wallet. 🙂
  •  After Sign up, Open OYO Rooms app.. You will get Rs 1000 in your OYO Account.
  •  Go to OYO Rooms app and click on Oyo menu (3 dot menu)
  •  Click on Invite and Earn option And click on invite via SMS or any other mode through which you want to share. You will get your Referral Copied in the Clipboard
  • Clear OYO app data and sign up again with different phone no.
  • Enter phone no and other details. In the referral box enter your copied Referral code.
  • After sign up you will get Rs200 OYO Money in your first account and Rs1000 in the new account.
  •  Now clear App data and repeat the above steps again.


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OYO Referral
OYO Interface

NOTE – Enter only the Main account’s referral code in all the fake/multiple accounts to earn most out of it.
You will get Rs 200 per referral on your 1st account and Rs 1000 on all the Accounts.
You can use you OYO Money for Online Hotel-Room booking.

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