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OnePlus X: A $249 iPhone 4 running on Android

OnePlus X

OnePlus has proved that it can deliver flagship killer specifications at a cheaper price than most of the big players in this business. The OnePlus One lack of good design but outperformed in every other thing, great benchmarks and obviously it was their way to get hands-on into this business. OnePlus is now focusing on design apart from performance. 

The latest device is called The
OnePlus X and yes, it has a hint of both the older iPhone gen and Sony Xperia gen about it. OnePlus has launched two variants: the $249 Onyx(
138g), which sports a black glass panel on the back, and a £269 Ceramic(160g) version. OnePlus is only making 10,000 Ceramic handsets. As their tradition, this time too OnePlus will be using an invite system. 

Now let’s talk about what’s inside this device?

The device has a 5-inch Full HD AMOLED Corning Gorilla Glass 3 powered by a Snapdragon 801 processor [2.3 GHz Quad Core CPUs].
It has a 3GB of RAM, a 2,525 mAh battery and a tray for two SIM cards. It has 16GB of onboard storage is backed up with microSD support up to 128GB. But sadly, this device has a Hybrid SIM tray. 

OnePlus X has a rear camera of 13 MP(Aperture: f/2.2) and a front camera of 8MP(Aperture: f/2.4). But sadly the 13MP rear camera can only shoot videos at 1080p. 

Unlike the OnePlus Two, X doesn’t feature a Fingerprint Scanner and no USB Type C port too.

Talking about the software, the device is running on OxygenOS with Android Lollipop 5.1.1. It is the same version as we have seen it running on OnePlus Two lately.

The OnePlus X is launched at an impressive price-point. This device isn’t an update over OnePlus One and Two, but X itself is a new smartphone line for OnePlus and is targeting devices like Moto X Play and Honor 7.


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