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Methods to Root Lenovo S650 [MT6582]

I’ve been rooting my Lenovo S650 in different methods since I bought it. 

I’ll be showcasing some working methods to root it.

Using PC

  1. Make sure your device is turned ON.
  2. USB Debugging should be turned ON.
  3. Adb Drivers should be Installed
  4. USB Cable.


Download Link : vROOT

– This requires a PC. 

– No CWM needed.
– This installs a Chinese root manager rather than superuser or superSU. But I will teach you how to replace it below.


1. Download the rooting application. (This app can root many other devices)
2. Install the app. This is a Chinese app so I will guide you.
3. Start VROOT and root now! 

4. Now we need to install SuperSU from play store to replace the Chinese root manager called 授权管理 1.0.4.
5. Go to play store and install SuperSU. 
6. Start SuperSU and you will be asked for permission by 授权管理 1.0.4, choose 允许(means allow). (Should be the right side option.)
7. SuperSU will prompt to install SU binary, go ahead with OK and it will display successful.
8. Now, freeze 授权管理 1.0.4 in titanium backup, just in case you need it again. 
Note: If you uninstall straight away from app manager, you need to make sure SuperSU updated the binary.
9. Re-run SuperSU to make sure everything is alright. You will be prompt again to install SU binary, just do what it asked.
10. After that, you are rooted with SuperSU and 授权管理 1.0.4 will not be there anymore.

11. If you want to be more assured, in SuperSU app, prepare for a Reinstall in settings. (NOT Full unroot NOT Switch superuser app)
12. SuperSU will be removed and go back to play store to re-download and install.
13. Start SuperSU and SuperSU will prompt to install SU binary, go ahead with OK and it will display successful. 

METHOD 2[KingRoot]

Download Link: KingRoot

  1. Connect Your device
  2. Click on Root. Wait till it installs all the files and it’ll reboot the device.
  3. You’ll find a Superuser App in your Phone
  4. Click on it and Install The Scripts.

King Root Apk

KingRoot 4.0

Download Link : King Root


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