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Flipkart Seller Filter Chrome Extension

flipkart seller filter chrome extension



Flipkart is one of the leading e commerce websites in India which provides valuable products at a decent price with great discount too.
When it comes to the seller review, WS Retail is on the top. Flipkart Services like EGV, Wallet, Flipkart First and maybe a few others can only be used if the customer is buying the product from an Advantage sellers like- WS Retail, nCase, Guruji Telecom and many more.

When we search any product on Flipkart we are served with many filter options and the searched product includes number of sellers and but there is no option to filter the sellers in Flipkart. Also it’s very Tiring to sort out products only on the basis of products Sold by a particular Seller. 
So to overcome this drawback of Flipkart, a developer Prince Mishra came up with a very great Chrome extension to filter sellers in Flipkart. Although he has not listed his extension in Google web apps but has provided the required files which can be found on Github.  The process of adding the extension manually to Chrome can be little complicated for a few people BUT you don’t need to worry as I’m are here to provide you the tutorial on how to add this extension to your Chrome browser manually. 

  1. Download and extract the downloaded files.
  2. Place the extracted files in a folder.
  3. Open Chrome and Navigate/Go to– chrome://extensions/
Chrome extension
     4. When done, open Flipkart in a new window and search for your desired product. And to add the filter just scroll down and when you see the panel, just write the desired Seller’s name.
flipkart chrome  
     5. After Applying the Filter, The products sold by other sellers will be blurred out automatically 🙂
REMEMBER: To Tick the Developer’s Mode Checkbox.  
DOWNLOAD from the link given below 

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