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Facebook is listening to your calls, here’s how to stop it!

Recently, Facebook has been surfaced all over the social media with a viral report, suggesting Facebook has been listening to our calls all this time and we didn’t know about it!

I don’t think that people realize how much Facebook is tracking every move we’re making online. Anything that you’re doing on your phone, Facebook is watching

A report by Kelli Burns, Professor at University of South Florida showed how Facebook may be listening to our conversations all this time in the name of better targeted advertisement.
And to prove her allegation, Kelli talked her desire to go on African safari in a Jeep: 

I’m really interested in going on an African safari. I think it’d be wonderful to ride in one of those jeeps.

In a matter of 60 seconds, the first post on her Facebook newsfeed (obviously) was about a Safari story which was posted 3 hours earlier. Further, a car ad also displayed on her newsfeed! (Coincidence?)

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Facebook Sauron's Eye
Facebook : The Next Sauron’s Eye?

Danielle Quichocho, a graduate student of University of South Florida is not at all surprised by Facebook’s eavesdropping. She said: 
It’s all about the bottom line, and if this is a way to fatten that bottom line, they’re gonna do it. If you agree to the terms and conditions, then you know what to expect. The internet is forever! You leave a footprint there. They’re going to find it. That’s just how it is.

After this alarming report, Facebook on their official blog denied the much known fact! We only access your microphone if you have given our app permission and if you are actively using a specific feature that requires audio. This might include recording a video or using an optional feature we introduced two years ago to include music or other audio in your status updates

In 2014, the same feature was in a highlight as people accused Facebook for listening to their conversations. To prevent further allegations, Facebook wrote in a post

When writing a status update – if you choose to turn the feature on – you’ll have the option to use your phone’s microphone to identify what song is playing or what show or movie is on TV.

In 2013, Edward Snowden (former CIA employee), accused National Security Agency(NSA) for tracking our every single step on the internet and being a partner in crime with Facebook.
What we can figure out is, eavesdropping is a matter of Global concern. A non-government organization has been tracking us all along makes us feel outrageous.

Steps to Stop Facebook from listening to your calls

Well, here’s a good part! There are hassle free steps to Stop Facebook from listening to your calls!!

For iOS Users

iOS Privacy settings Messenger privacy settings

Go to the following path

  • Settings> Privacy > Microphone> Turn off the radio buttons
  • Do the same for Messenger

For Android Users

Facebook app infoFacebook app permissions
Go to the following path
  • Settings > Apps> Select Facebook> App Permissions>Turn Off Record Audio
  • Follow the same for Messenger app

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