Commenting Systems for Blogger

Top 5 Commenting Systems for Blogger

With the evolution of Blogger CMS in recent years, the ways of feedback, audience growth and spamming has revolutionised! Managing all the reactions and comments on your blog, analysing spam comments and moderating them is a tedious work to do! Especially when smart spammers are all over the internet.This is when commenting systems come in handy!

Not only these commenting systems have good layout. but also spam moderation becomes easier! Some of these provide Native Monetisation too!

So here’s a list of Top Commenting System for Blogger that you should check out!


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Disqus Comments
Disqus Comments

DISQUS with over 3 MILLION active installs, is probably the most famous commenting system on the internet!

Disqus : Pros

    • SEO Friendly & Responsive
    • Easy Admin Moderation
    • Social Media Login System (Facebook,Twitter,Google)
Disqus : Cons

The most common and probably the only major con of Disqus is Login system, Even though it allows Social Media login, readers don’t really login just to post a single comment! This decreases the amount of interaction one would expect in his/her post!

RECOMMENDED : Install Disqus on Blogger

disqus commens thetechpie


Livefyre Comments

Just like Disqus, Livefyre is one of the biggest commenting system right now! It has over 65 Million registered users!

Livefyre and Disqus have similar Pros and Cons as their functionality is exactly the same!

Pros : Livefyre

  • Responsive
  • Easy Admin Moderation
  • Mention other users in comments
  • Social Media Login System (Facebook,Twitter)

Cons : Livefyre

The most common and probably the only major con of  Livefyre is Login system, Even though it allows Social Media login, readers don’t really login just to post a single comment!
livefyre comments
Livefyre Comments

Social Commenting Systems

Commenting systems like Facebook and Google Plus are also hot in trend. These systems are generally used by websites which mainly rely on Facebook or Google+ traffic.

Social Commenting Systems Pros

  • Increased user engagement for one particular Social Media
  • Increase the number of posts shared
Social Commenting Systems Cons

Nullifies the user engagement from any other Social Media, creates a bar for the users who are not present on one particular site or don’t want to login through Facebook/G+ just for commenting purpose!

Facebook Comments Plugin

facebook comments plugin
Facebook Comments Plugin

Facebook, with over 1.65 billion monthly active users is the most important social media website for a content creator!

With over 1.09 Billion people logging into Facebook daily, somewhere in between you’ve a chance of showing your content!

Facebook Comments Plugin is a good commenting system, considering it allows to share your post directly on the user’s Timeline as well as Reducing the unwanted Spam!
A screenshot of Facebook Comment Moderation
Facebook Comment Moderation
Facebook Comment Moderation

Google Plus Comments

google plus comments
Google Plus Comments


G+ Comments is officially supported on Blogger Blogs only. For WordPress users, one can add them through  Comments Evolved Plugin.

G+ Comments : Pros

Google Plus Comments has importance in SEO factors also! One can +1 your posts right through the comments! 

 G+ Comments : Cons
The Google Plus comments limits the engagement experience. Also, the author/editor never gets the notification of a new comment on his post.
So if somebody comments on your post, it’s lost forever as you won’t be getting any push notifcations!

Native Blogger Commenting System

The native Blogger Commenting System is also good, considering it gives you different sign-in options like Google, WordPress, OpenID and few others!
Blogger commenting system also provides you to filter Spam and delete comments which is not really great but it’s ok if you want to do everything manually!
blogger commenting system
Blogger Native Commenting System

Final Words

User Engagement is a must for websites, with these commenting services, one can improve the quality of user engagement and comment layout too!

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