The Best Smartphone Games for Android & iOS
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The Best Smartphone Games for Android & iOS

Best Smartphone Games for Android and iOS From the advent of mobile gaming, developers are trying to make gaming on the go as immersive as PC/Console gaming. We have seen quite a few addicting games like Temple run , Clash of Clans out there on Smartphones but do they have that charm to make a…

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Xiaomi Mi Pad Review : Tablet for a Power User

Xiaomi Mi Pad REVIEW The budget tablet market in India was pretty bad, with one or the other tablet having flaw in some or the other segment be it performance or battery or display, but Mi Pad sets another level of benchmark for budget category tablets. Be it design, display or performance it outperforms each…

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How to Install Remix OS on your PC: Android on PC

The next evolution of Android PC – this is what it states when we enter the website of Jide, the developer of Remix OS. Install Remix OS on your PC Remix OS is a Linux based Computer OS. It is based on the Android operating system and allows users to run Android apps on PC. It is being developed by Jide Technology,…